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Race Car Driving Techniques

Posted on July 8th, 2015 in Car Trends, Safe Driving

Leather Clad RacerWhat differentiates a real driver from the rest is not what super car he or she drives, or what aftermarket parts they have to spruce it up a notch.

It seems to us that there are many race car enthusiast and well, there might be a local track day that could be of particular interest to you.  You may want to pay the $399 and do 8 laps on the MRS Speedway with a BMW M3. If you fall into this category and would be interested in learning tricks from the pros, well, it is a good thing you came across this article.

There are tricks of the trade when it comes to driving on a race track or like a race car driver. There are also rules and regulations and like anything else, when you have too much new information you may get overwhelmed and then when on the track you may go blank and remember only that the right pedal is the gas and the left the brake. What is recommended is to focus each time you go out on the track or on the road one or two of the new techniques shared, this way you can dominate them and really get good at them before embarking on something new.

The truth is that most of us men and women alike think that we are good drivers, but no matter how many dirt roads you have traveled, there is a difference when on a hot asphalt track or road. Good drivers are born with it, they have an ability, although it is true some drivers can be made, by years and years of training which also helps but there is a je nai se quoi that needs to be accounted for a God given gift. However, no matter how good you are you will never be the best unless you practice, practice, practice.

Ask any professional at any sport, they will all say the same thing.  In order to be the best you have to eat, breath and sleep what you love most.  In these articles we will be sharing driving techniques that help you be a better street driver and a better circuit driver.  The key to perfection when it comes to driving is repetition, if you do enough push ups enough days, consistently, you will see how much easier it gets and how great your form is and how effortless it becomes.  Your driving can be like that, effortless, almost like your vehicle is an extension of you.

Lets talk about seating positions:

You may have noticed that some drivers push their seat WAY UP to the steering wheel while others sit WAAAAAY BACK and even lower the backrest to make it even less practical.  If the steering wheel is too close, one of three things might happen.  You will not have enough space for the seat belt to help stop you from smashing into it, also, if you are so close to the steering wheel the airbag might deploy and burn you.

When it comes to race car driving you will notice that it appears that the drivers are almost laying down – this would be formula 1 or Open Wheel CART cars.  Also, NASCAR type of cars the driver is crammed near the steering wheel, which as we stated previously is dangerous as well.  Neither one of these are ideal for street cars. For everyday street driving like most of us do here in Houston, it is recommended to be at 90 degree angles.

Some cars have better steering than others, especially race cars have amazing steering, they have to because there is very little room for arm movement. Also, the gas and brake pedals are extremely close together.

The ideal sitting position for street cars is having your back flat against the back of the seat, you want your buttocks squarely up against the backrest. Your hamstrings should be touching the seat bottom, the importance of this position is to give you as much surface area. Safety first. The arm position is also important, the steering should be 10 and 2 and both arms when outstretched should have your wrists reach the steering wheel. It gives you the optimum control of the vehicle.

Lastly the foot position, your chair should be far away enough that you can reach the pedals comfortably, your knees should be comfortably bent. You do not want to be too close to the pedals because being so close to the steering wheel is dangerous.  You also don’t want to be far away enough that you cannot reach them.

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