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 Factors That Increase The Value of Your Used Car in Houston
When it comes to selling your assets, there are several ways to ensure that you get the highest price for your used car.  We have compiled a useful checklist for you to consider that will help you before it’s too late.  If you have recently purchased a vehicle and believe that at some point you may wish to sell it, this list is for you.  These factors increase the value of your used car in Houston. Enjoy.

Low Mileage

If you have a vehicle that has low mileage, you will get a better return on your investment. Your used cars value will increase when it has lower mileage. The reason for this? Well, psychologically, if the vehicle has low miles, then the car buyer understands that the car was cared for especially well. That it would have endured less strain and misuse or abuse, thus making one believe that it is meticulously and jealously guarded. This translates to more money for you when it comes time to sell it.  There are many people in Houston who enjoy purchasing cars and therefore you have an audience in your backyard.

Scheduled Maintenance

The importance of doing your scheduled maintenance is to ensure that your car continues to run efficiently and effectively into the future. For future car buyers, it’s an important fact because they want to know that all preventative actions were taken to ensure that there are no surprises down the road. Cars are meant to be driven, they are meant to be used and therefore are meant to be taken care of. They are supposed to have scheduled maintenance such as oil changes every 3,000 miles or so. The same way you are meant to get regular checkups to ensure that nothing unexpected is going on, your car needs the same. So, take care of it, your car and your wallet will thank you. If you take the necessary precautions and preventative maintenance you will not be caught off guard by a large bill at the mechanics later down the road.

Keep your car stored (garaged)

What do we know? That the constant rays of the sun can be damaging if left overexposed to it. This is true for animals as it is for your vehicle. Constant and intense sun exposure can dry and crack leather on your dash, seats, steering wheel and anywhere your car has leather. It can also bleach the cloth in your car over time.  It can dull the luster of your cars paint job over time and can even make your tires look more worn and cracked. It can cause the fluids in your car to evaporate at a higher rate which may lead to issues down the road. What is the problem with this? When you want to sell your used car, it will not have the same luster and cache as it once did. Some wear and tear is expected and factored into the price considerations along with mileage, etc. If you keep your vehicle in a garage or out of the harmful constant rays of the sun, you can ensure that it looks better longer. Why do you think that car enthusiasts all have garages for their babies, this is why. A cool, dry, shaded environment is the ideal place to keep those horses under the hood when parked.

Maintenance Records
Why would maintenance records help you increase the value of the vehicle you want to sell? Well, let’s analyze this, the first reason is it shows a dedication, respect and consideration for the car itself. It shows that you are a careful and precise person, this lets the buyer know that the vehicle was meticulously cared for and HERE!!! The proof! It creates peace of mind and allows the buyer a certain confidence as to making said purchase with you – that and to give you the asking price you are wanting, because at the end of the day, they will know that it is worth it. They will be getting an excellently maintained piece of machinery. Cars that have their maintenance records, show that they received regularly scheduled maintenance. It stands to reason, a car that was cared for should have little to no issues.
Having Nice/Newer Tires

Lets envision the following scenario. Instead of selling a car, you are going to buy one, you see a vehicle that looks like its in good condition but the tires are bald, cracked and have air bubbles in them. You can see that they have lost their luster and that they are worn and even perhaps so much that the threat is gone or the fiber exposed. What does this tell you? A) the person selling it does not take good care of the car itself, in order for a car to be well cared for, it cannot cared for in some areas and not others. What would make you think that the engine was checked from time to time or that the oil changes were done as scheduled? If anything, it will decrease the overall value of the car, for a simple reason. Being that due to these poor tires, the car ran less efficiently, placing unnecessary strain on the engine, and all of its moving parts. Bad for business, bad for your car, bad for you.

Minor Aesthetic Repairs

Have you ever seen an older car, like really old look brand new? It’s called restoration. What does that mean? It means, taking items that might not have looked new and giving them that sparkle one again, this can be done in many ways. No, you don’t have to get original parts per say, but with just some imagination and some elbow grease you can get your used car looking spiffy and new. If there is something that is cracked, loose or falling apart – glue, bolt and screw that bad boy back into place. If your car has a small paint chip somewhere, go to your local auto repair store, in Houston a popular ones are AutoParts, NAPA or PepBoys. You can usually get a nail polish size paint repair kit. Just clean the surface of your car well, dry it and apply a dab or two of the correct color of paint and voila! Another small detail that will go a long way to increasing the price of your used car for sale, believe it or not is cleaning it. Detail it. You may not carry a dry paintbrush in your car to remove dust as James May from Top Gear does, but you may want to try it for this purpose. Water, soap, q-tips and toothpicks go a long way to cleaning between the nooks and crannies that can make a car seem older and less cared for. Top off the fluids, windshield wiper especially. Get a new car smell air freshener, some ArmorAll for the tires, to give them that extra shine and you will see your potential car buyers eyes sparkle!

Keep us in mind for more useful tips and techniques to get you the price you want for your used car, here at CarSnappy in Houston our goal is your continued success.

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