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Engine cylinder . real used opened motor.

Engine cylinder . real used opened motor.

Most people who enjoy the benefits of cars might not necessarily know how they work or what each part does.  What we want to do is share with you some car basics, things that you might not know but may want to.  We will be discussing engine cylinders, what they are and how they assist in making your car produce power.

There are a wide range of cylinders, from one to 12 – the difference between these is the amount of combustible liquid that is allowed to pass through, so a good rule of thumb is the more cylinders the faster the car is.  The more cylinders, the more combustible liquid is necessary and therefore it will be less cost efficient when at the pump. The advantage to having a car with more cylinders is that it goes faster, increases horsepower because in essence it allows more surface area for combustion to happen. Cylinders are usually made of aluminum or cast iron which is great for combustion. Most cylinders are arranged side by side in the engine block itself, although this depends on the type of motor.

The cylinder is one of the most important parts of your car’s engine, when pistons move up and down what happens is that they create friction and pressure. When the pistons move up and down in the cylinder they force the liquid in this case petrol, gas or diesel to move at rapid rates creating combustion since this liquid is very flammable.  The cylinders are found in the engine block and are made of metal, the pistons are made of metal and they move in rapid succession forcing very flammable liquid to react – hence that propulsion that allows our cars to move forward.

It is important that the liquid can move without leaking, therefore the pistons and cylinders are made to fit seamlessly with one another.  Ok, is this making sense so far?  I hope so.  It is important that if you are what is commonly referred to as a gearhead that you understand what the primordial function of your engine is, what it does. So, how do we get the pistons to move up and down? Combustion, forces the piston up and down and this transfers energy through the crankshaft.

What does this mean in layman’s terms: if you place combustible liquid in a small space and ignite?  Energy is created, this is the power that you enjoy when you press on the gas. Therefore there is a direct correlation between cylinders and the power your car will have.  This will give you the first understanding of cars and will allow you to be just a little more informed.  There are several other factors that can determine how powerful a car can be such as: torque, the weight of the vehicle itself, superchargers and turbos, etc.

Have you ever been told that your new car needs to be broken in? This means that the engine components will eventually wear and tear and this can overtime become problematic. The reason for this is because small pockets of air and irregularities occur in the engine over time. The mechanical wear will hopefully be gradual allowing you to enjoy your car problem free for years to come.  When these imperfections occur and the cylinder and pistons lose their ability to efficiently force the combustion then it directly affects the power and you end up with less of it.

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