Safe Driving Tips for Road Trips

long roadSummer is here and with it come road trips, everything you need to be safe lies here within this article.  We have taken toll of all the most important things to look for and what tips we can give you to ensure that you are safe.

  1. Be practical, when you know that you will spend some time in the car keep some useful items in there such as plastic forks and knives, napkins and wipes for when you eat in the car along the way.
  2. Stock up on snacks, when you stop at rest stops you might be charged more and your options will be more limited, not to mention not the healthiest choice.  This way you can get what you want when you want it.
  3. Stop often, when you see rest stops you should really try to stop and use the restroom the reason for this is because it is very dangerous to drive with a full bladder, if you get into an accident and you have a full bladder and get into an accident it can explode.
  4. GET AAA. With just a phone call you can get roadside assistance 24 hours a day.
  5. Do not let your gas tank get to empty, when your car is running low on gas your engine inhales all of the toxins and waste, pollution that is found along the bottom of the gas tank.
  6. Save on gas mileage by driving smoothly, stop sudden starts and stops.
  7. Get your car checked out before you head out.  Take it to your mechanic, get the oils topped off, windshield fluid filled etc.
  8. Keep your valuables out of sight, keep them in the trunk of glove box and do not go into the trunk before walking into a store, if someone is looking to steal from you, this is the perfect opportunity for them to see where you are keeping your valuables.
  9. If you are travelling across state lines, well you might want to be familiar with their local laws, cell use for example is illegal in some states but not in others.
  10. Rental cars have always stood the test of road trips, why put unnecessary miles on your car? Become familiar with this rental car and remember that by the gas gauge there should be an arrow pointing to where the gas tank is for when you go to the gas station.
  11. Map out the route, do not rely only on GPS, they have issues more than not.
  12. Do not drink the night before you go on the road, doing so can lower your defenses and reaction time.  You need to be clear headed when you are out on the road.
  13. When it comes to pulling over only do so when you can safely.  Try to get to the rest stop, stopping on the shoulder is very dangerous so avoid it when possible.
  14. Take occasional rests, get out and stretch your legs, walk around you want to be safe and ensure that you are not tired when you are driving.
  15. Check that your tire pressure is accurate to help your MPG last longer.

When it comes to road trips you want to plan as much as possible.  Plan the route, plan alternate routes, this can be done through GPS and the use of a map. You want to be aware of your surroundings, making sure that you and your loved ones are safe.

Used Cars – How To Know what to look for –

There is no denying that for the last few years the global economy has fluctuated.  Depending on who you ask, there are many theories we will not be going into them. We will leave that to Alan Greenspan and friends and let others spend time theorizing an unanswerable question.

It is important to put things in context and that is what this article does. The economy has everything to do with the used car industry.  Therefore everything to do with your ability to purchase a more luxurious car because the market becomes flooded with high end vehicles at a reasonable price.  When you are in the market for a high end luxury vehicle we recommend that you take some time and research who owned this car, please allow me to explain.

There is a domino effect. When the economy is doing well people lease high end vehicles and use them to their hearts delight.  Here is the first possible issue one can encounter with purchasing a vehicle that was previously a lease.  Some people, not everyone for we cannot make such broad assumptions, but some people tend to treat leases as though they were disposable.  Since these cars are not usually kept or purchased by the lessee then they are occasionally taken for granted, oil not changed, maintenance not kept and overall very little care given to the overall car care.

Why is this a possible issue? Hmmm, because you may be purchasing a car, lets say for the sake argument a Land Rover, a gorgeous SUV with all of the bells and whistles that you yearn for.  This car has 60,000 miles and is only 4 years old.  It has had one lessee or owner and soon it will be all yours. What we recommend is getting the maintenance record if at all available for this vehicle. Some high end vehicles can run forever if they are well maintained, but if they are not maintained well, the repairs especially to the engine can be more costly than its worth.

Before buying a used high end SUV check the oil and the filters, if they are old and outdated and if the oil is sludge then you may want to think twice before you purchase it.  You might end up buying a very cool car that is very problematic and the money you are saving by buying a used vehicle will be useless because you will end up spending it on parts and repairs. It is important to note that it is not land rovers that have issues with their engines or oil build up if the oil is not changed but this would be any vehicle from any car manufacturer. Most people have given Land Rover and Jaguar as well as other British car companies a bad rap and it might just be that the people who own such vehicles take terrible care of getting the scheduled maintenance required to run well and be problem free.
If you cannot get your hands on the maintenance receipts, if the owner did not keep this even if they did perform the maintenance there would be no proof of it.  The dealership might have checked out the car by their local mechanic to make sure that it was in working order.  You can have your fancy SUV and keep the cost down do your research find out as much information that you can about the previous owner of your future rover

Engine Cylinders and What they do

Engine cylinder . real used opened motor.

Engine cylinder . real used opened motor.

Most people who enjoy the benefits of cars might not necessarily know how they work or what each part does.  What we want to do is share with you some car basics, things that you might not know but may want to.  We will be discussing engine cylinders, what they are and how they assist in making your car produce power.

There are a wide range of cylinders, from one to 12 – the difference between these is the amount of combustible liquid that is allowed to pass through, so a good rule of thumb is the more cylinders the faster the car is.  The more cylinders, the more combustible liquid is necessary and therefore it will be less cost efficient when at the pump. The advantage to having a car with more cylinders is that it goes faster, increases horsepower because in essence it allows more surface area for combustion to happen. Cylinders are usually made of aluminum or cast iron which is great for combustion. Most cylinders are arranged side by side in the engine block itself, although this depends on the type of motor.

The cylinder is one of the most important parts of your car’s engine, when pistons move up and down what happens is that they create friction and pressure. When the pistons move up and down in the cylinder they force the liquid in this case petrol, gas or diesel to move at rapid rates creating combustion since this liquid is very flammable.  The cylinders are found in the engine block and are made of metal, the pistons are made of metal and they move in rapid succession forcing very flammable liquid to react – hence that propulsion that allows our cars to move forward.

It is important that the liquid can move without leaking, therefore the pistons and cylinders are made to fit seamlessly with one another.  Ok, is this making sense so far?  I hope so.  It is important that if you are what is commonly referred to as a gearhead that you understand what the primordial function of your engine is, what it does. So, how do we get the pistons to move up and down? Combustion, forces the piston up and down and this transfers energy through the crankshaft.

What does this mean in layman’s terms: if you place combustible liquid in a small space and ignite?  Energy is created, this is the power that you enjoy when you press on the gas. Therefore there is a direct correlation between cylinders and the power your car will have.  This will give you the first understanding of cars and will allow you to be just a little more informed.  There are several other factors that can determine how powerful a car can be such as: torque, the weight of the vehicle itself, superchargers and turbos, etc.

Have you ever been told that your new car needs to be broken in? This means that the engine components will eventually wear and tear and this can overtime become problematic. The reason for this is because small pockets of air and irregularities occur in the engine over time. The mechanical wear will hopefully be gradual allowing you to enjoy your car problem free for years to come.  When these imperfections occur and the cylinder and pistons lose their ability to efficiently force the combustion then it directly affects the power and you end up with less of it.

Better Your Cars Mileage

expresswayIf you are interested in better the gas mileage your car gets, then you stumbled upon the right place. When it comes to manipulating gas consumption is to A) Be aware of gas prices and B)Try additives so that you can also increase your gas mileage.

There are some driving tricks that will lead to better gas mileage.
Idle as little as possible, otherwise you will be using your gas. When you car is idling you are more than likely at a light. Your car is using gas but not to propel itself forward, but to run the electric components. Air conditioners, GPS and any other items you may have draining power.

Your tires are probably the most important way to improve your MPG as well as ensuring your safety. Each tire manufacturer has their recommended specifications for the size, width, type of tire and for what use. A snow tire creates more drag because it is bulkier, knobbier and with them you must drive below a maximum speed. Your tires will have a specific PSI and if your tires are at its correct pressure then you can increase fuel efficiency by 5%.

Drive the speed limit, Prudency with your gas pedal will do wonders for your bottom line.  If you are drag racing and peeling out constantly, then you will have to go to the pump more often than not.
When you speed up and slow down you burn through your cars gas. Use the brakes only when you need to and allow your car to coast. Be aware of the traffic patterns.  I have heard of some places where every light downtown is on a timer and if you go 17 miles an hour you can hit all the green lights for miles.

As stated before speedsters tend to use a lot of gas.  If you were to drive prudently and the speed limit you can reduce almost half of misused gas.
I know that Texas is a hot state, Houston only has 18 days a year of bad weather, weather below 32 degrees. Otherwise it is hot and sunny.  Try to limit your air conditioner. If you are going to be driving and want to let mother nature lend a hand, roll your window down.

Changing your driving habits, starting slower, breaking sooner and more gently will ensure that your car performs to its potential.  If you have a lift kit on your car or if you tow or carry very heavy loads you will lessen how efficient your car is. Try to drive with caution and prudence and you will be pleasantly surprised at the pump when you drive better.

Driving On Wet Roads

Rain Tire

There are many articles that give drivers the tools they need to drive in extreme conditions, such a ice and snow, but what is much more common is rainy conditions. When the roads are wet, there are certain pattens that emerge. When the roads are wet your brakes can respond slower, your tires and grip less and you can hydroplane, skid and your car can lose control.  So lets take a look at what we can do to minimize the risk of accidents when the roads are wet.
Have you ever noticed that when you are driving down a high traffic road such as a highway, that there are grooves in the road where other cars have passed through? These grooves are cause by the continuous weight of vehicles that drive along the side path down the road, which created grooves.  These grooves can be a great way for you to gain additional traction when the weather conditions are less than optimal.  We suggest that when you are following another vehicle in bad driving conditions that you stay within these grooves. Driving on the non-grooved part of the road can cause the car to slide or even to hydroplane due to the difference in height.  Therefore allow the car in front of you to lead and you merely follow. Now, having said that, lets clarify that sometimes when it is pouring the car in front of you may cause the rain water to douse your windshield leaving you without the optimal visibility.  Leave a safe distance between you and the car ahead and if you are behind a large or heavy truck then even more so.
When driving conditions are questionable at best like we tend to get here in Houston from time to time you want to proceed with caution.  The best way to do so is to lower the speed of your vehicle.  Do not drive fast, do not speed because your car and its important components, like the tires, brakes and steering will be affected when the road is wet.  When you drive faster than you should, then accidents are bound to happen. When the weather is against you or if it is late, take extra precaution.  Most importantly, avoid passing other vehicles if you can avoid it.
If you want a direct correlation between the tire pressure in your cars tire and your gas mileage then go no further.  The proof is here and it also affects other aspect of the driving experience.  Each and every tire on the market are made with very specific requirements for their most efficient and safest use.  Around the face of the tire you can see what the PSI should be for your specific tire.  If you are not sure go to a tire store and ask.  You want and more importantly need your car to behave at its peak performance.  Having under inflated tires can cause a lag in your MPH rate.

If you have ever found yourself in the middle of a torrential downpour or monsoon you will know how important your windshield wipers are to your very survival.  If your blades are
old or do not work well, get rid of them.  This is not something to be taken lightly, because if you cannot see, you cannot drive.  It is as simple as that. Your windshield blades can be
changed every two winter seasons or two years of good and constant use.  It is also possible to get a product that helps defog your windshield and mirrors it is a product that also helps
the water bead off the glass. Take pride in doing what needs to done to your vehicle to ensure safety for you and everyone around you.

When braking is necessary try at all cost to slam on the breaks or to continually press on them if they do not seem to be responding . If you know the road you are traveling on and there is a light or a stop up ahead prepare for it, ensure that you give your vehicle plenty of time to respond to any conditions you may ask of it.  If you slam on the breaks when the weather is bad then you can cause your car to hydroplane and slip or skid or all three.  Most vehicles in the last 10 years have come with ABS as a standard feature.  ABS stands for anti lock brakes, which is  a technology which allows a computer in your car to assist in the breaking process under duress.

Get added Car Appeal

Giving your car appeal

If you are looking to sell your car, there are tried and true tips that will ensure that your car sells sooner rather than later.  When a person comes to look at a used car they usually make up their minds regarding whether or not they plan on buying it within the first few seconds as far as aesthetics go. Other factors such a mileage, price and condition could also contribute to the success of your car sale, however we will be focusing on improving the initial appeal.

A lot of these suggestions may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how few people actually take the time to make the car look its best.  It is similar to going apt hunting and the apt you are shown is dirty and unkempt.  As humans we have imaginations but when it comes to car sales and aesthetics it is best to be proactive. Options for optimizing your cars appeal include washing it and or getting it detailed.  This may end up costing quite a bit depending on what part of Houston you are in. Another option, detail it yourself.  Take some Armor All and wipe down the dash – also, a 2 inch paint brush – the type you buy at any hardware store will be great to removing all of the excess dust that builds up between notches and vents.

If you are stressed for time and someone is meeting with you and you do not have the time to fully detail your car, take it to a car wash that has coin operated vacuums. Buy a car freshener or spray some Febreeze to make it smell more inviting.  Use some Windex on the windows inside and out as well as the mirrors inside and out.

Vacuum everywhere, on the dash, cup holders, gear shifter, on the inside of the doors, trunk and between the seats. The key to getting your car sold quickly is to do everything in your power to make it appealing to the car buyer. Most of the time between vacuuming and washes small amounts of dust or dirt can cover the dash and fall between the nooks and crannies of your car interior.  Take a damp cloth and wipe it down or you can purchase special oil to make it smell great and give it additional shine.

If your car looks like your office (full of papers and supplies scattered everywhere), a closet (full of clothing and shoes) or a trash heap (full of old wrappers and empty cans) you need to get rid of all of it. If you have heard of the term, neat as a pin, then that should be your goal with your car.  The potential buyer will not appreciate trying to see a car that is covered in your stuff. Also, it may reflect negatively on you if this is the impression you allow them to have – because frankly it will demonstrate how little you care for your car. This could affect the sale.

Unless you are very car saavy and might have some mechanic experience you may not know how to clean your engine superficially.  This might seem like a waste of time if you had not thought about it, but the engine is perhaps the most important part of your car.  Take it to a mechanic and have them clean it for you.

Your tires should be as shiny as a mirror.  This will make your car look more impressive.  Most of these products might darken the tires or just add shine and most of them come in spray bottles so it is practically mess free.  Also, you may or may not be aware but most car companies provide the exact paint match for your car color. Usually found at car supply stores. This is the case unless your car is custom painted, then you can not go to your local Napa and get the color you need on a moments notice.  You should have problem picking up an inexpensive and small amount to touch up scratches. The applicators resemble a nail polish bottle with a similar looking brush to brush the paint on in small doses where the scratches have be left.

When all is said and done be objective and look at your car from all angles in order to determine that you did what you could to guarantee the asking price you are hoping for and not get low balled because of a few simple fixes.

Does The Gas You Use Affect your Car?

GasDepending on the type of car that you drive, you will know whether your car requires premium gasoline or not. We all know that gasoline normally goes up in price and that it always seem to be time to head to the pump. When it comes to gasoline there are tons of different options, whose companies make promises of offering the best quality for the best price.

Experts have analyzed this question for quite some time, the results may surprise you. The truth is, if you decide to shave a few pennies off your price of gasoline then there is no need to worry, its unlikely to hurt your car at all. As advances in engineering continue, engines are made with better technology and some cars even have onboard computers that help to factor this in. There are variations in fuel and todays engines can account for it – what this means as that for most of us we will not notice lesser performance from our engines. You would have to be a car manufacturing guru to be able to tell the difference between $5.00 a gallon gas and $3.01 a gallon of gas.

The advantages of using a better grade of gas is peace of mind. For some, when a new car is purchased what we are interested in making it run as well as possible for as long as possible.

Now, how to get the most performance our of your car? All gasoline starts out the same, all from the same source – base gas. Then the EPA requires that additives are added to lessen the emissions and reduce pollution. Additionally, each individual company uses their own special selection of additives to promote engine cleaning or performance or both.

full fuel

The question the is how important are these additives and could we not just buy them ourselves at an automotive store and add them to the cheaper gas we bought and get the exact same effect? The more additives you add to your fuel then essentially the more care you are taking of your car because this helps deter additional wear and tear as the engine becomes more lubricated and remains cleaner longer in essence.

Most of us when we get a new or used car, a new car to us that is, we do not review the manual. This is a mistake, in order to keep your car running great and to get the most of this asset then you should know what is recommended for it.

Marketing has a huge roll to play in the trust factor that some oil companies have developed. Think Nascar racing sponsors, think Super Bowl Ads, think your Car and Driver magazine add. This simply means that they are smart about advertising, not necessarily that their product is better or at times even necessary. Ask the scientist though and they say that having additives means that your “check engine” light won’t come on before the 10,000 mile mark. Also, you could eventually cause an issue with the fuel injectors depending on the type of car you have with lesser additives.

We have allowed the experts to do the testing for us and when a blind test was performed, there were no conclusive differences between fuel economy, emissions and performance among all very different grades of gasoline. What is important to remember is that there is a fine line between what you expect from your vehicle and what you are willing to pay at the pump.

Allow me to put it in perspective, fuel can be important if you are driving a high performance vehicle. A vehicle that would otherwise begin to fail with regular gas…when what it requires is premium fuel or jet fuel. Which also begs the need to be cautious when at the gas pump, in some states you are allowed to pump your own gas. In fact here is a little know fact, it is illegal for you to pump your own gas in Oregon and New Jersey. Some wealthier and fancier cities have adopted this added perk to further pamper their wealthier clientele.

So if you happen to be driving through one of these states pay attention when at the pump, ensure that your regular gas car does not get pumped full of Diesel and that you are not being ripped off when it comes to pay when you are used to paying regular gas prices and then are asked to pay the premium price for your full tank.

Factors That Increase The Value of Your Used Car in Houston

 Factors That Increase The Value of Your Used Car in Houston
When it comes to selling your assets, there are several ways to ensure that you get the highest price for your used car.  We have compiled a useful checklist for you to consider that will help you before it’s too late.  If you have recently purchased a vehicle and believe that at some point you may wish to sell it, this list is for you.  These factors increase the value of your used car in Houston. Enjoy.

Low Mileage

If you have a vehicle that has low mileage, you will get a better return on your investment. Your used cars value will increase when it has lower mileage. The reason for this? Well, psychologically, if the vehicle has low miles, then the car buyer understands that the car was cared for especially well. That it would have endured less strain and misuse or abuse, thus making one believe that it is meticulously and jealously guarded. This translates to more money for you when it comes time to sell it.  There are many people in Houston who enjoy purchasing cars and therefore you have an audience in your backyard.

Scheduled Maintenance

The importance of doing your scheduled maintenance is to ensure that your car continues to run efficiently and effectively into the future. For future car buyers, it’s an important fact because they want to know that all preventative actions were taken to ensure that there are no surprises down the road. Cars are meant to be driven, they are meant to be used and therefore are meant to be taken care of. They are supposed to have scheduled maintenance such as oil changes every 3,000 miles or so. The same way you are meant to get regular checkups to ensure that nothing unexpected is going on, your car needs the same. So, take care of it, your car and your wallet will thank you. If you take the necessary precautions and preventative maintenance you will not be caught off guard by a large bill at the mechanics later down the road.

Keep your car stored (garaged)

What do we know? That the constant rays of the sun can be damaging if left overexposed to it. This is true for animals as it is for your vehicle. Constant and intense sun exposure can dry and crack leather on your dash, seats, steering wheel and anywhere your car has leather. It can also bleach the cloth in your car over time.  It can dull the luster of your cars paint job over time and can even make your tires look more worn and cracked. It can cause the fluids in your car to evaporate at a higher rate which may lead to issues down the road. What is the problem with this? When you want to sell your used car, it will not have the same luster and cache as it once did. Some wear and tear is expected and factored into the price considerations along with mileage, etc. If you keep your vehicle in a garage or out of the harmful constant rays of the sun, you can ensure that it looks better longer. Why do you think that car enthusiasts all have garages for their babies, this is why. A cool, dry, shaded environment is the ideal place to keep those horses under the hood when parked.

Maintenance Records
Why would maintenance records help you increase the value of the vehicle you want to sell? Well, let’s analyze this, the first reason is it shows a dedication, respect and consideration for the car itself. It shows that you are a careful and precise person, this lets the buyer know that the vehicle was meticulously cared for and HERE!!! The proof! It creates peace of mind and allows the buyer a certain confidence as to making said purchase with you – that and to give you the asking price you are wanting, because at the end of the day, they will know that it is worth it. They will be getting an excellently maintained piece of machinery. Cars that have their maintenance records, show that they received regularly scheduled maintenance. It stands to reason, a car that was cared for should have little to no issues.
Having Nice/Newer Tires

Lets envision the following scenario. Instead of selling a car, you are going to buy one, you see a vehicle that looks like its in good condition but the tires are bald, cracked and have air bubbles in them. You can see that they have lost their luster and that they are worn and even perhaps so much that the threat is gone or the fiber exposed. What does this tell you? A) the person selling it does not take good care of the car itself, in order for a car to be well cared for, it cannot cared for in some areas and not others. What would make you think that the engine was checked from time to time or that the oil changes were done as scheduled? If anything, it will decrease the overall value of the car, for a simple reason. Being that due to these poor tires, the car ran less efficiently, placing unnecessary strain on the engine, and all of its moving parts. Bad for business, bad for your car, bad for you.

Minor Aesthetic Repairs

Have you ever seen an older car, like really old look brand new? It’s called restoration. What does that mean? It means, taking items that might not have looked new and giving them that sparkle one again, this can be done in many ways. No, you don’t have to get original parts per say, but with just some imagination and some elbow grease you can get your used car looking spiffy and new. If there is something that is cracked, loose or falling apart – glue, bolt and screw that bad boy back into place. If your car has a small paint chip somewhere, go to your local auto repair store, in Houston a popular ones are AutoParts, NAPA or PepBoys. You can usually get a nail polish size paint repair kit. Just clean the surface of your car well, dry it and apply a dab or two of the correct color of paint and voila! Another small detail that will go a long way to increasing the price of your used car for sale, believe it or not is cleaning it. Detail it. You may not carry a dry paintbrush in your car to remove dust as James May from Top Gear does, but you may want to try it for this purpose. Water, soap, q-tips and toothpicks go a long way to cleaning between the nooks and crannies that can make a car seem older and less cared for. Top off the fluids, windshield wiper especially. Get a new car smell air freshener, some ArmorAll for the tires, to give them that extra shine and you will see your potential car buyers eyes sparkle!

Keep us in mind for more useful tips and techniques to get you the price you want for your used car, here at CarSnappy in Houston our goal is your continued success.

Car Maintenance Recommendations


Too many people believe that when it comes to correctly maintaining their car, it is summed up in three words:

Scheduled Oil Changes

Well, even though that may indeed reduce many issues with your cars longevity and functionality, it is not the end all be all of maintenance.  Most people believe that with a simple oil change and checking the tire pressure you have covered your basis, similar to the old apple a day belief in regards to good health.

If you have ever looked under the hood of your car, you will have noticed that it is anything but simple.  There are tubes and containers, pistons, and a myriad of moving parts. What we have to offer you is a quick list of things that you need to check up on to keep you car in tip top shape and ready to sell.

Transmission Maintenance and Upkeep

What does it do?  It allows you to switch gears, it allows you to get your car going fast and it allows it to be gradual.  If you are driving an automatic car, the gears are shifted automatically when the engine asks for it to happen.  If you drive a manual car, then clutch, shift and accelerate.  Not only is it tons of fun, but as many would agree gives you more of a driving experience.  Thus allowing you to upshift and downshift to get the most out of your cars engine capability.

Your cars transmission is composed of more than 100 parts. If your transmission is not maintained, you will have issues shifting gears, even getting your car to advance, which is a big problem. The importance in maintaining the transmission is to ensure that you are safe and that those on the road are safe as well.  There is no denying that maintaining your transmission is far less costly than hiring a mechanic to tear your engine apart to fix the issuing issues.

 Brake Fluid

What do we know about brakes? We know that they are as important as tires. Without them, you cannot stop your vehicle when you need to.  When breaks start to go they are whinny and can sometimes begin to squeak.  There is no warning and this is something that should work 100% of the time.  In order to ensure that this is the case, then they require maintenance.  When your car is missing break fluid, the breaks do not work as well, perhaps not at all. The fluid provides a buffer, when there is less fluid you need to be more forceful with the breaks, which can wear them down even more.
Hydraulic fluid allows your brakes you work, Its as simple as that.

Power Steering

What is this?  Well, it allows your steering wheel to turn easier and faster without having to turn it 100 times in one directions just to turn left. Hydraulic fluid in your power steering allows a pump to lubricate the steering, also squeaking may occur, which would let you know that it needs to be looked at. If your power steering fluid changes color, has bubbles or leaks, then get it fixed.  Part of being a safe driver is ensuring that you are taking precautions that ensure that your car works properly.

Air Conditioning Unit

So lets be honest, a car with AC is awesome, especially in the summer and to ensure that you can focus on driving safety. When your AC begins to loose its cooling power it just means that it needs to be checked.  The problem with letting this go, besides a very uncomfortable summer ahead of you, it can lead to other complications. Do not damage internal compounds of your car do not allow that to break down your car. These issues if left unattended and ignored can end up costing over a $1,000.00. Don’t leet that happen, get it checked on, get the freon topped off and enjoy the heat!

Wheel Alignment

Your tires are an important component of your car moving forward. Have you ever been driving down the highway and seen those skid marks, seen a torn tire along the side abandoned and shredded?  We all have.  This is avoidable.  Your cars tires need to be filled to the manufacturers specification.  That is what the numbers on the face of your tire means, how much pressure, air, etc they need.  Besides having the correct air in your tire, tires wear differently on different wheels, aligning them ensures a more over all wear and tear.

They allow your tires to last longer and allows for a more stable drive, the secondary benefits include better gas mile edge because your car will be driving less effortlessly.  Tires that are not rotated, can have unnatural wear patterns, sometimes creating air bubbles, which thin portions of your tires, making them less resistant and more prone to tearing, exploding and disintegrating.

Just maintaining these items in mind when you are thinking of car maintenance, then you will have accomplished your goal.  Keeping your car well maintained, being safe and making it easier to sell, which someday may be your goal.  Be an informed car owner, do this by keeping  yourself and others safe.