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Car Maintenance Recommendations

Posted on May 26th, 2014 in Car Maintenance


Too many people believe that when it comes to correctly maintaining their car, it is summed up in three words:

Scheduled Oil Changes

Well, even though that may indeed reduce many issues with your cars longevity and functionality, it is not the end all be all of maintenance.  Most people believe that with a simple oil change and checking the tire pressure you have covered your basis, similar to the old apple a day belief in regards to good health.

If you have ever looked under the hood of your car, you will have noticed that it is anything but simple.  There are tubes and containers, pistons, and a myriad of moving parts. What we have to offer you is a quick list of things that you need to check up on to keep you car in tip top shape and ready to sell.

Transmission Maintenance and Upkeep

What does it do?  It allows you to switch gears, it allows you to get your car going fast and it allows it to be gradual.  If you are driving an automatic car, the gears are shifted automatically when the engine asks for it to happen.  If you drive a manual car, then clutch, shift and accelerate.  Not only is it tons of fun, but as many would agree gives you more of a driving experience.  Thus allowing you to upshift and downshift to get the most out of your cars engine capability.

Your cars transmission is composed of more than 100 parts. If your transmission is not maintained, you will have issues shifting gears, even getting your car to advance, which is a big problem. The importance in maintaining the transmission is to ensure that you are safe and that those on the road are safe as well.  There is no denying that maintaining your transmission is far less costly than hiring a mechanic to tear your engine apart to fix the issuing issues.

 Brake Fluid

What do we know about brakes? We know that they are as important as tires. Without them, you cannot stop your vehicle when you need to.  When breaks start to go they are whinny and can sometimes begin to squeak.  There is no warning and this is something that should work 100% of the time.  In order to ensure that this is the case, then they require maintenance.  When your car is missing break fluid, the breaks do not work as well, perhaps not at all. The fluid provides a buffer, when there is less fluid you need to be more forceful with the breaks, which can wear them down even more.
Hydraulic fluid allows your brakes you work, Its as simple as that.

Power Steering

What is this?  Well, it allows your steering wheel to turn easier and faster without having to turn it 100 times in one directions just to turn left. Hydraulic fluid in your power steering allows a pump to lubricate the steering, also squeaking may occur, which would let you know that it needs to be looked at. If your power steering fluid changes color, has bubbles or leaks, then get it fixed.  Part of being a safe driver is ensuring that you are taking precautions that ensure that your car works properly.

Air Conditioning Unit

So lets be honest, a car with AC is awesome, especially in the summer and to ensure that you can focus on driving safety. When your AC begins to loose its cooling power it just means that it needs to be checked.  The problem with letting this go, besides a very uncomfortable summer ahead of you, it can lead to other complications. Do not damage internal compounds of your car do not allow that to break down your car. These issues if left unattended and ignored can end up costing over a $1,000.00. Don’t leet that happen, get it checked on, get the freon topped off and enjoy the heat!

Wheel Alignment

Your tires are an important component of your car moving forward. Have you ever been driving down the highway and seen those skid marks, seen a torn tire along the side abandoned and shredded?  We all have.  This is avoidable.  Your cars tires need to be filled to the manufacturers specification.  That is what the numbers on the face of your tire means, how much pressure, air, etc they need.  Besides having the correct air in your tire, tires wear differently on different wheels, aligning them ensures a more over all wear and tear.

They allow your tires to last longer and allows for a more stable drive, the secondary benefits include better gas mile edge because your car will be driving less effortlessly.  Tires that are not rotated, can have unnatural wear patterns, sometimes creating air bubbles, which thin portions of your tires, making them less resistant and more prone to tearing, exploding and disintegrating.

Just maintaining these items in mind when you are thinking of car maintenance, then you will have accomplished your goal.  Keeping your car well maintained, being safe and making it easier to sell, which someday may be your goal.  Be an informed car owner, do this by keeping  yourself and others safe.

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