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expresswayIf you are interested in better the gas mileage your car gets, then you stumbled upon the right place. When it comes to manipulating gas consumption is to A) Be aware of gas prices and B)Try additives so that you can also increase your gas mileage.

There are some driving tricks that will lead to better gas mileage.
Idle as little as possible, otherwise you will be using your gas. When you car is idling you are more than likely at a light. Your car is using gas but not to propel itself forward, but to run the electric components. Air conditioners, GPS and any other items you may have draining power.

Your tires are probably the most important way to improve your MPG as well as ensuring your safety. Each tire manufacturer has their recommended specifications for the size, width, type of tire and for what use. A snow tire creates more drag because it is bulkier, knobbier and with them you must drive below a maximum speed. Your tires will have a specific PSI and if your tires are at its correct pressure then you can increase fuel efficiency by 5%.

Drive the speed limit, Prudency with your gas pedal will do wonders for your bottom line.  If you are drag racing and peeling out constantly, then you will have to go to the pump more often than not.
When you speed up and slow down you burn through your cars gas. Use the brakes only when you need to and allow your car to coast. Be aware of the traffic patterns.  I have heard of some places where every light downtown is on a timer and if you go 17 miles an hour you can hit all the green lights for miles.

As stated before speedsters tend to use a lot of gas.  If you were to drive prudently and the speed limit you can reduce almost half of misused gas.
I know that Texas is a hot state, Houston only has 18 days a year of bad weather, weather below 32 degrees. Otherwise it is hot and sunny.  Try to limit your air conditioner. If you are going to be driving and want to let mother nature lend a hand, roll your window down.

Changing your driving habits, starting slower, breaking sooner and more gently will ensure that your car performs to its potential.  If you have a lift kit on your car or if you tow or carry very heavy loads you will lessen how efficient your car is. Try to drive with caution and prudence and you will be pleasantly surprised at the pump when you drive better.

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